Code of Conduct

Introduction :
We believe that economic activity has an impact on human right issues, in particular in relation to
people’s working and living conditions. Cassia Co-op engages to apply the fundamental principles of
fair practices and policies defined below.

Health & safety :
Provide a safe and healthy working environment (including adequate fire fighting equipment and
emergency evacuation plan).
Workers must be protected from hazardous working conditions (e.g. noise, dust).
Access to basic first aid, drinkable water and appropriate sanitary facilities.

Environment and sustainability :
Cassia Co-op is committed to protect the Sumatran National Forest and requires the farmers to
conform to the regulations of the forest protection agencies and NGOs.
Biodiversity and Organic farming are encouraged.

Work company procedures :
Compensation for overtime.
Week-ends, all national and religious Holidays are off days.
Cassia Co-op offers salaries approximately 20% above industry standards.
Cassia Co-op provides its employees with all legally mandated benefits to which they are entitled.
Cassia Co-op maintains personnel records including documentation of age, payment of wages and
working hours for each employee.
Farmers benefit from premiums paid for certified products.
Farmers are free to join any cooperative or farmers’ group or association.
Cassia Co-op employees are free to join a union.

Child and forced labour :
Respect of ILO (International Labour Organization)
conventions No. 138 & No. 182

Corruption :
Cassia Co-op will not conduct business with anyone who works in a non-ethical or an improper
manner. This includes such things as bribes, kickbacks or gifts & favours since it is our business
principle to fight corruption in all its forms.
Management hereby confirms to act in line with standards and requirements listed above.

Date : January 31st, 2018