Farmers Capacity Building

Cassia Co-op has brought to farmers an unprecedented level of training and transparency. In exchange for their support of the sustainable and traceability program, each farmer receives premium prices and bonuses for their raw material.
A robust Internal Control System (ICS) was implemented and lead to the first ever Rainforest Alliance certification for cinnamon. The program benefits the farmers, the company and the local environment. Each farmer’s individual plot is carefully mapped (GPS mapping) and audited to ensure that it does not overlap the Kerinci National Park a.k.a the largest Sumatran tiger habitat.

Traditionally, cassia changes many hands before reaching the processing center where it is cleaned, sorted and prepared for export. By setting-up at the heart of the cinnamon plantations, Cassia Co-op minimizes the complexity of the supply chain and increases efficiency and transparency.

The Cassia Co-op Training Center is a place where farmers can learn about sustainable agriculture, quality control, certifications, consumers products and international markets.