85% of the cinnamon in today’s world market originates from Indonesia. Most of it grows in one unique area on the island of Sumatra, called Kerinci (Jambi province). This world largest cassia plantation is known for its high quality raw material. It is coincidentally also located at the center of Sumatra island which is the world largest provider of patchouli (also known for its high quality oil). Cassia Co-op is the first cinnamon processing and exporting company to set-up in Kerinci, at the heart of the cinnamon plantations.

Cassia Co-op was built with SUSTAINABILITY at its core.

Our mission

To export cinnamon products and patchouli oil from Indonesia while removing middlemen from the supply chain. As a result linking farmers with end-users and vice versa in order to create transparency and interdependency. Creating a fair and efficient supply chain while having a sustainable positive impact in Sumatra, Indonesia.
Create a bridge between
farmer and end-user!

Our vision


The world's first Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cinnamon.

Organic certification.

Farmers Capacity Building
Support farmers' organizations.
Training based on the Sustainable
Agriculture Network standard.

Cassia Co-op Active Bonus
Profit sharing with farmer.

Cassia Co-op Training Center
A place where farmers can learn about sustainable agriculture,
quality control, certifications, consumers products.

Cassia Co-op aims to use 100% of the cassia tree.
Recycle timber. Oil extraction. Handicraft.

Corporate Social Responsability program (CSR) :
Cassia Co-op Soccer Academy.
Cassia Co-op with the support of the local government and
the Netherlands Embassy participates in the regional sport development program.

Help protect the Sumatran Tiger
Cassia plantations border the Kerinci National Park,
the Indonesian largest habitat for wild tigers. Cassia Co-op carefully maps every farmer’s individual plot to ensure that it does not trespass on the tiger natural habitat.

Corporate Structure

Cassia Co-op

PT Cassia Co-op, Kerinci (mother company).

Cassia Co-op SCE, Amsterdam (daughter company).